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External antiparasitic
For dogs and cats

  • For the treatment of Ectoparasites
  • 10 days action
  • It can be used in kennels and blankets
  • Unique 150 g. talcum powder

PRESENTATION: Talcum powder container of 150 g.

FORMULA: Carbaryl: 5 g., aromatic essences: 1 g., Excipients: c.s. 100 g.

INSTRUCTIONS: For the treatment of ectoparasitosis in small animals, attacks lice and fleas.

SUPPLY AND DOSAGE: External use. Sprinkle enough quantity on the fur of the animal, rubbing against the grain and make sure that the powder is in contact with the skin. Repeat after 8 days. Reinfestations are avoided by sprinkling the kennels, blankets and beds.

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