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External antiparasitic
Flea, lice and tick killing agent
for dogs and environment

  • For the treatment of Ectoparasites
  • 10 days action
  • It can be used in kennels, blankets and gardens
  • It avoids reinfestation

PRESENTATION: Bottle of 120 ml.

FORMULA: DDVP dimethyl-dichloro-vinyl-phosphate: 6,6 g.; Cypermethrin: 1.5g.; Excipients c.s. 100ml.

INSTRUCTIONS: External antiparasitic. Flea, lice and and tick-killing agent for dogs and environment.

SUPPLY AND DOSAGE: Canines: External use. Dilute 15 ml of the product per liter of wáter and use the emulsion to rinse the animal after bathing. It is recommended to repeat the treatment after 10-12 days.
Environment: Dilute 15 ml of the product in 2 liters of wáter and use the emulsion to wash or spray the desired place. Repeat, if neccesary, after 10-12 days of aplication.

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