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Floxacin OTIC GEL

Broad-spectrum chemotherapeutical
Local anesthetic
For canines and felines.

  • Bactericide
  • Fungicide
  • Syringe with cannula that allows to reach the problem

PRESENTATION: Pack with 3 syringes containing 10 ml. each.

FORMULA: Enrofloxacin: 2,5 g. Lidocaine chlorhydrate: 2 g.; Clotrimazole: 1 g.; Excipients for 100 ml.

INSTRUCTIONS: Due to its effectiveness as an antimicrobial on otitis, it is often prescribed for the treatment of such illnesses, which are usually severe and recurrent.

SUPPLY AND DOSAGE: External use. Clean the external auditory conduct, carefully taking out all exudates, pus and cellular remnants. Then, administer with the 0,5 ml syringe deeply inside the conduct. Pull the ear softly upwards so as to facilitate the penetration of the product. Administer once a day, until the symptoms disappear.

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