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External antiparasitic
For canines

  • Environmental effect
  • Anti fleas and ticks
  • Cutaneous solution for spray administration

PRESENTATION: Bottle of 100 ml.

FORMULA: Fipronil: 0.25 g.; Methoprene: 0.25 g.; excipients c.s. 100 mL.

INSTRUCTIONS: External antiparasitic, anti-flea and acaricide for dogs.

SUPPLY AND DOSAGE: Spray the entire body of the animal (do not forget ears, belly, armpits, fingers) open the hair, ensuring that the product is in contact with the skin. From 3 to 6 ml. (7 to 15 mg / kg.), press the valve 7 times per kg. liveweight. This valve provides 0.65 ml. at a time.

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