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Cefal 500 TABLETS

Wide spectrum antibiotic
For canines and felines

  • Wide spectrum antibiotic
  • 1 tablet per each 20 kg.

PRESENTATION: Package of 80 tablets.

FORMULA: Cephalexin: 500 mg; Excipients: c.s. 1 tablet.

INSTRUCTIONS: To attack infectious diseases caused by Gram-positive and Gram-negative germs, sensitive to cephalexin. Specific for the treatment of infections of the skin, soft tissues, osteoarticular, gastrointestinal, middle ear, respiratory or genitourinary.

SUPPLY AND DOSAGE: Orally. 25-30 mg. per kg liveweight, every 8-12 hours, for a period not less than 7 days. In unmanageable infections (skin) it can be supplied for a larger period than 30 days.

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