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Hormonal – contraceptive
for canines and felines

  • For interruption or postponement of estrus

PRESENTATION: Pack of 100 and 400 tablets.

FORMULA: Chlormadinone acetate: 2 mg. Excipients for 1 tablet

INSTRUCTIONS: Interruption of estrus. Postpone estrus, metrorrhagia, nymphomania, alterations of the ovarian cycle, pseudopregnancy and hyper-sexuality in the male. Prevention of estrus in female canines and felines, in anestrus.

DOSAGE: Orally. To interrupt the estrus: 1 tablet per each 5 kg. liveweight for 8-10 days. To postpone estrus: 1 tablet per each 10 kg. liveweight for 4 weeks. Nymphomania, pseudopregnancy and hypersexuality in the male: 1 tablet per each 5 kg. liveweight according to effects.

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