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Wide spectrum internal antiparasitic.
For feline and canine puppies

  • Unique antiparasitic with active metabolite: Ricobendazole
  • Unique antiparasitic for puppies
  • Only one dose! Do not have to repeat after 15 days

PRESENTATION: Dropper of 15 ml.

FORMULA: Ricobendazole: 3 gr.; Excipients c.s. p.100ml.

INSTRUCTIONS: For the treatment and control of parasitosis produced by Ancylostoma caninum, Toxacara canis, Toxacara cati and Toxacaris leonina. Uncinaria stenocephala and trichuris vulpis.

SUPPLY AND DOSAGE: Orally, 1 ml. per kg. liveweight. In animals with severe infestations repeat after 24 hours.

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