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External antiparasitic
Flea and tick-killing agent, mosquito and mosquitoes repellent
For canines

  • Unique environmental effect pippete
  • Anti feeding effect
  • One dose protects during 30 days
  • Flies and mosquitoes repellent

PRESENTATION: Case containing 1 pipette.

FORMULA: Imidacloprid: 10 g.; Flumethrin: 1 gr.; Metoprene: 10 g.; Excipients c.s. 100ml.

INSTRUCTIONS: External antiparasitic. Flea and tick-killing agent, flies and
mosquitoes repellent for canines.

SUPPLY AND DOSAGE: External use. Apply 1 pipette per animal, according to its weight, on the nape or between the shoulder blades. Avoid the eyes and mouth of the animal.

Dogs up to 4 kg.: pipette of 0.4 ml;
from 4 to 10 kg.: pipette of 1ml.;
from 10 to 25 kg: pipette of 2,5 ml.;
from 25 to 40 kg.: pipette of 4 ml.;
from 40 to 60 kg.: pipette of 6 ml.

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