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Sterile aqueous suspension
Broad spectrum antibiotic
For equines, bovines, ovines, porcines, caprines, canines and felines

  • Ready to use
  • The most reliable penicillin

PRESENTATION: Bottle of 25 and 100 ml.

FORMULA: Benzylpenicillin procaine: 10.000.000.UI.; Benzathine Benzylpenicillin: 10.000.000.UI.; Dihydroestreptomycin: 20g; Excipients c.s.p. 100ml.

INSTRUCTIONS: : For the treatment of infectious diseases caused by Gram (+) and Gram (-) germs sensitive to penicillin and streptomycin.

SUPPLY AND DOSAGE: Intramuscular or subcutaneous via, as a general dose:

Bovine y Equines: 10 mL. per each 100 kg.
Calves, foals, pigs, sheep, goats and big canines: 1-2 mL. per each 25 kg.
Large porcines: 5 mL. per each 50 kg.
Canines: 1 mL. per animal.
Felines: 0,5 mL. per animal.

Usually, it is enough with only 1 application, if necessary, repeat after 72 hours. In cats, subcutaneous via is recommended.

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