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Dermil CREAM

Analgesic, Antiinflammatory, Antibiotic,
Antifungal, Anesthetic, Antihistamine
For canines and felines

  • The most complete FORMULA in market
  • Easy absorption
  • With the addition of Vitamin A

PRESENTATION: Pot of 50 gr.

FORMULA: Betamethasone 17 valerate: 0.10 g.; Gentamycin sulfate: 0.10 g.; Clotrimazole: 1 g.; Vitamin A: 0.6g.; Lidocaine: 0.6g.; Chlorhexidine digluconate (20%): 5g.; Excipients c.s. 100 g.

INSTRUCTIONS: Allergy, urticaria, dermatitis of allergic origin, localized, wet or dry eczema, conditions of allergic origin and other diseases of the skin that require treatment with corticosteroids. As an antiinflammatory and restorative of the skin.

SUPPLY AND DOSAGE: External use, apply locally enough on the affected area, 2 to 3 times a day. Cover to avoid licking.

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